Jennifer Lynn Simpson

Born in Hollywood, California with a deep love of the singer/songwriters of the late 60’s and 70’s and 80’s and of country music through the ages, I decided to follow my heart late in the game. I wrote a song for two of my best friends and was forced to play it at their wedding. The manager for the Indigo Girls was in attendance and asked me to send him some tunes.  Next thing I knew, he was booking me at a festival and so began the amazing, terrifying leap into doing what I love.  I am self-taught on the guitar, piano and ukulele and consider myself a forever student of music and all its glory and power.  I love moments and wind and trees and understanding and autobiographies and my family and my ENGLISH BULLDOG, RUFUS (more than most things), and magic and dandelions and old churches and space and the moon and dreams and intuition and strangers and kindness and coffee and wine and a good dirty martini and seeing the world and a good meal with friends and so many other things, but I love nothing more than I love a song that makes you feel less lonely, that makes you sing loudly and that makes you want to create something.  I want to make music like that. Follow me as I start the journey of my first album release, my first opening gig and me fighting the fears and self-doubt that kept me from doing this before now….